Elected Officials

  1. Auditor

    View the responsibilities of the County Auditor Office, contact information, helpful links, and transparent documents.

  2. Clerk of Courts

    Find filing fees and costs, local rules, contact information for the Clerk of Courts, and pay your fines and costs by credit card online.

  3. Commissioners

    Look up when the board meets and the responsibilities of the board.

  4. Coroner

    Browse through a list of responsibilities the coroner has.

  5. Engineer

    Review the responsibilities of the county engineer.

  1. Judges

    See information about the county judges.

  2. Prosecutor

    Inspect information about the Prosecutor's Office.

  3. Recorder

    The County Recorder is responsible for keeping land records.

  4. Sheriff

    Peruse information about our sheriff department.

  5. State Officials

    Review which state officials are representing you.

  6. Treasurer

    Discover the responsibilities of the county treasurer and the duties as treasurer.