How Do I Recycle...

Recycling Database
Ashtabula County maintains a spreadsheet of businesses that accept recyclable materials. Want your company listed on the above spreadsheet? Fill this form out and we will add you!
  1. Batteries

    How to recycle alkaline, rechargeable, and lead acid batteries.

  2. Chemicals

    Take a look at how to recycle fryer oil, mercury, and propane tanks.

  3. Construction Waste

    Peruse information about what to do with construction waste.

  4. Fire Extinguishers

    View how to dispose of fire extinguishers.

  5. Household Items

    See how to recycle books, clothing, styrofoam, medicine, and needles .

  6. Paint

    Find out how to recycle the different type of paint.

  7. Televisions & Electronics

    Review how to dispose and recycle televisions and electronics.

  8. Tires

    Inspect how to dispose of tires.

  9. Light Bulbs