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To look up your property and taxes and print your tax bill, view Tax Search.
This link will direct you to Auditor's website - use any of the search options under Property Search to research historical and current property values and taxes. Once you've selected a property, the tax bill can be printed from the Tax Bill link on the right side below Reports.

  Important Notices

  • 1st Half 2016 Real Estate Taxes due date: February 15, 2017. Tax bills should be mailed in mid-January. 
  • 1st Half 2017 Manufactured Home Taxes due date: February 28, 2017. Tax bills should be mailed in late January.
  • Click here to view penalty & interest rates and dates, as well as prior year due dates.
  • If you have delinquent taxes and need a payment plan, please call our delinquency department at 440-576-3731 to schedule an appointment. Please note that we cannot extend a tax due date or enter into a payment plan for current year taxes.

Unclaimed Funds List

The Ashtabula County Treasurer assists the Ohio Department of Commerce with Unclaimed Funds.  Unclaimed Funds are balances from inactive accounts and deposits (bank accounts, insurance proceeds and uncashed checks for example) held for five years before being turned over to the State. You can search the State's website for unclaimed funds by clicking here.  You can also review the current list of Ashtabula County's unclaimed funds, in alphabetical order by owner's name here. If you find accounts belonging to you, print out and complete the Claims Form and mail it to the address on the form.  


County Treasurer Responsibilities

The Ashtabula County Treasurer serves as Ashtabula County's chief investment officer, the administrator of delinquent tax collections and the keeper of the property tax escrow account. The Treasurer serves as the county banker, safe keeper of all taxes, and investor of local funds.

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