K-9 Unit

Under the leadership of Sgt. Mark Allen, our four K-9 handlers and their K-9 partners work hard every day to ensure training and execution of the job is second to none.  Our K-9s have not only assisted other agencies in Ashtabula County, but have assisted agencies in neighboring counties as well. The K-9 Unit is trained to conduct building searches, article searches and perform tracks, among other things. 

Donations to our K-9 Unit are always welcomed and appreciated as we receive no separate funding for this unit.

Donations can be made to:

Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit

25 W. Jefferson Street

Jefferson, OH 44047


Sgt. Mark Allen and K-9 Joker


Dep. Nick Pinney and K-9 Iysa


Dep. Lenny Emch and K-9 Cherokee


Dep. Tim Bruckman and K-9 Bear

Sgt. Mark Allen and Dep. Lenny Emch work with K-9 Cherokee during training.
Dep. Lenny Emch and his K-9 partner Cherokee conduct an article search during training.
Dep. Nick Pinney works with his K-9 partner Iysa during training. K-9 Iysa is conducting a search of a vehicle to locate drugs.
Sgt. Mark Allen works with his K-9 partner Joker during training.
Dep. Lenny Emch works with his K-9 partner Cherokee during training.
Sgt. Mark Allen and Dep. Lenny Emch work with K-9 Cherokee on suspect apprehension during training.