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Ashtabula County Transportation System

2924 Donahoe Drive

Ashtabula, OH 44004

440.992.411 or toll free at 1.800.445.4140

"Serving the People of Ashtabula County"


Service Description Top of page

Ashtabula County Transportation System operates two types of public transit


Point Deviation bus routes and door to door service.

The type of transportation available to an individual is determined by the

location of the pick-up and drop-off points.  If both points are on a bus route

or in a deviation zone, the bus routes are used.

If one or both of the points are not on a bus route or in a deviation zone,

door-to-door service will be scheduled as available.

The bus routes operate on a regular schedule with stops at the scheduled

points and times, but may go off the "route" between stops to pick up

passengers in nearby areas.

Door-to-door service operates on a schedule that is determined by demand



Door-to-door ServiceTop of page

Provides services to all areas of Ashtabula County not accessible

by the point deviation bus routes.  Door-to-door service is

Monday through Friday 6:00AM to 7:00PM.

Scheduling A Ride

Trips should be prescheduled 24 to 48 hours in advance.  When

you call, please be ready to tell us:

*Where you are starting from

*Where you would like to go

*When you need to arrive

*When you need to return

Seat belts must be worn at all times unless exempt by law.

Persons requesting medical exemption must have a medical

statement or certificate with them or on file with ACTS


Upon scheduling a trip with door-to-door service, you will

be given a 30-minute range time during which you can

expect to be picked up.  Drivers are directed to wait no

longer than five minutes after arriving at your pickup


Child Passengers

It is preferred that children ride accompanied by an

adult.  Arrangements must be made by a

responsible adult.  No child under five will be

transported alone.  All infants (less than two years of age)

must be secured in a car seat.  It is the responsibility

of the parent to supply the car seat and to secure the car

seat and the child in the vehicle.  Newer buses are

equipped with child seats.


CancellationsTop of page

Occasionally, we have requests that we are unable to serve,

so please cancel your unneeded rides as soon as you know

you will be unable to make a scheduled trip.  If you do not

cancel at least one hour ahead of your pick-up time

you will be considered a "no-show."


No-showsTop of page

A no-show is defined as a trip in which the passenger is not

present at the confirmed pick-up time and location when an

ACTS vehicle arrives.

If you have confirmed rides for a round trip (2 one-way trips)

and you are a no-show, your return trip will automatically be

cancelled unless you contact ACTS to reconfirm your

return trip.

Excessive cancellations and/or no-shows may result in a

suspension of service and a fine assessed to cover the

cost of the missed trip.  Service will not be reinstated until

fine is paid.


AccessibilityTop of page

To meet requirements of The Americans with Disabilities

Act (ADA), ACTS offers lift-equipped service on the bus

routes and on door-to-door service.  We also offer

Braille schedules upon request.  For TTY/TDD users

wishing to the Ohio Relay Service call:


Drivers will provide reasonable assistance to passengers

getting on and off the vehicle.

For the bus routes, assistance will be provided from the

curb to curb.

For door-to-door service, assistance is available from door

to door.  Passengers with wheelchairs may be assisted

up and down ramps.  If you do not have a ramp the

driver will assist you up or down one (1) step.

If you have more than one step, it is your

responsibility to make arrangements to be on the

ground level when the vehicle arrives.  Drivers will not

enter a residence.

Please be sure your walkways, steps, and ramps are clear

of ice, snow, and debris.

When transporting wheelchairs, both passenger and chair

must be secured in the vehicle with safety restraints.

Persons who need more assistance than the driver can

provide are permitted to bring a personal care attendant

at no charge.  Be sure to tell us when you schedule your

ride that you will be bringing someone to assist you.


EmergenciesTop of page

In the event of an accident, illness, or injury, follow the

instructions of the driver or refer to the emergency

procedure located in the front of the vehicle.

Passenger Responsibilities

For everyone's comfort and convenience, please observe

the following rules:

*NO smoking or chewing tobacco

*NO eating or drinking

*NO littering or defacing property

*NO profanity or boisterous conduct

*NO radios/tape/cd players unless use with ear plugs

or head phones

*NO animals with the exception of service animals

*NO fighting, verbal or physical

*NO weapons, ie: firearms, knives, or anything

that can cause bodily harm.

Passengers should not engage the driver in extended

conversation that does not pertain to the trip.

Passengers shall not have a body odor or other

personal cleanliness problem (not protected by the

Americans with Disabilities Act) which affects the

safe operation of the vehicle or the reasonable

comfort or health of other passengers.

Failure to exercise proper conduct may result in

suspension of service.


FaresTop of page

Exact fare is required.  Drivers do not carry any change

Passengers will not be permitted to ride on a "pay-later"

basis.  For travel in the same adjacent township (including

travel on the point-deviation routes):

$1.00 Adults

$.50 Elderly or Disabled with E&D card*

$.50 Child (3-15)

Free age 2 or under

For travel in the county further than one township away

$1.50 Adult

$.75 Elderly or disabled with E&D card*

$.75 Child (3-15)

Free age 2 or under

*To obtain an E&D application, ask your driver or call the

office.  Fares are subject to change.


PackagesTop of page

Packages requiring seating space will be changed a fare of

$.25 per package.  Drivers are NOT required to assist in the

loading or unloading of any item.


Tickets & PassesTop of page

Tickets are available through the Operations Center at

425 W. 25th St., Ashtabula, Ohio or 2924 Donahoe Dr.,

Ashtabula, Ohio.

If you are a regular rider, we have a convenient and

economical way to ride.  Buy an ACTS pass.  With

if you can ride all month for one price.  The pass

may only be used by the person to whom it is

issued and must be shown upon boarding.  For

purchasing information, please call the office.


Comments & ComplaintsTop of page

Passenger comments, complaints, and suggestions

should be made in writing within seven (7) days of

occurrence.  Mail all correspondence to:


2924 Donahoe Drive

Ashtabula, Ohio 44004


The Ashtabula County Transportation System

is funded in part by the following sources:

Federal Transit Administration

Ohio Department of Transportation

Ohio Elderly & Disabled Transit Fare Assistance Program

City of Ashtabula