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Ashtabula County Children Services

Ashtabula County Children Services is your county

agency, responsible by law to protect and care for

children who are physically, emotionally or sexually

abused, neglected, or whose parents are unable to

care for them.

Intervention with troubled families can keep a crisis

from escalating into violence.

When a child's health and/or safety threatened, we

must be able to respond immediately, whenever

and wherever a crisis occurs in Ashtabula


The Children Services 24-Hour toll-free helpline

service offers this protection.

Anyone who suspects child abuse or is in danger

of abusing children themselves, can contact us

anytime of day or night, from anywhere in the



Adult Protective Services  Top of Page

Persons 60 years of age or older are in need of

protective services if they are known or suspected

to be suffering from abuse, neglect, including self-

neglect, or exploitation to an extent that either life

is endangered or physical harm, mental anguish

or mental illness results or is likely to result.


Homesafe, Inc.  Top of Page

If you are the victim of domestic violence or

sexual abuse YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Homesafe provides:

*Shelter, staffed 24 hours / day.

*24 hour hotline.



*Individual support.

*Support groups.

*Referrals to community agencies.

*Legal advocacy.

*Crisis Intervention.

*Court and hospital accompaniment.

*Children's program.


Safety plan:  Top of Page

If you are considering leaving an abusive situation,

having the following in an easily accessible place

will be useful:


*Important papers (insurance, Medicaid cards,

bank information, lease or deed, car registration,

prescriptions and medications, court orders or

papers, birth certificates, social security cards, etc).

*Keys to the House and Cars.

*Important phones numbers.

*Extra clothing.


Ohio Works First For Our Future  Top of Page

Our Families * Our Businesses * Our Communities

Ohio Works First (OWF) can provide temporary

cash payments, health care, food stamps, and child

care subsidies for families in crisis.

Through the new program, Prevention, Retention,

and Contingency (PRC), any family with income

at or below 150% of the federal poverty level

guideline can receive emergency payments.


Child Support Enforcement Agency  Top of Page

Ordinarily, your self-sufficiency contract for the

OWF program requires cooperation with the Child

Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) to establish

paternity and collect child support for children living

in the home.

However, there may be times when cooperation may

not be in the best interest of the child.  In those cases,

a person may claim "good cause".  Evidence supporting

the claim for good cause must be provided to CSEA

within 21 days.

The CSEA shall grant a 25 day extension to provide

documentation if necessary.  A good cause claim

may be corroborated with either of the following evidence:

*A court, medical, criminal, child protective services,

social services, psychological, or law enforcement

record, or other credible and competent evidence, that

indicates that the person who could be established

might inflict physical or emotional harm to the child

or caretaker.

*A birth certificate, medical or law enforcement record

that indicates the child was conceived as a result of

incest or forcible rape.


Victims of Crime Assistance Program  Top of Page

Who is eligible?

*Someone who is injured during a violent crime.

*A dependent of a deceased victim.

*Someone who has paid the expenses of a victim.

*A person who is legally authorized to act on

behalf of the victim.

To be eligible...

for compensation, a victim MUST report the

crime to a law enforcement officer within 72

hours and MUST cooperate fully in the investigation

and prosecution of the crime.  The victim also must

file a claim for compensation within two (2) years of

the date of the crime.  Minor victims have until their

20th birthday to file a compensation claim.

Expenses that are not considered:

Property damage or loss, including cash.


Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities  Top of Page

The Ashtabula County Board of Mental Retardation

and Developmental Disabilities (ACBMR/DD) investigates

unusual incidents, alleged abuse, or neglect of individuals

with disabilities who are eligible for Board services.

The Case Management Department is responsible for

responding immediately to any emergency situation

involving an eligible person whose eligibility has not

yet been determined.  Crisis intervention services are

therefore available on a 24 hour a day basis.


Contacts  Top of Page

Child Abuse:  Children Services: 440.998.1811 or

toll free: 1.888.998.1811.

Adult Abuse:  Homesafe Inc.:  440.992.2727 or

24 hour toll free:  1.800.95.ABUSE

Rape Crisis:  440.998.2100 or

toll free:  1.888.492.SAFE

Elder Abuse:  Adult Protective Services: 440.994.2020 or

toll free:  1.800.935.0242.

Victims of Crime Assistance:  440.576.3523 or

toll free: 1.800.824.8263

Supportive Family ServicesOhio Works First (OWF)

Child Support Enforcement Agency:  440.998.1110 or

toll free: 1.800.935.0242

Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities:

Case management:  440.466.7110 or

emergency:  1.888.522.3051