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25 West Jefferson St., Jefferson, OH 44047


1. Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday. Requests for inspection received in
this office prior to 9:00 AM, in most cases, will be made the same day. However, in all cases,
the Department of Building Regulations shall be allowed one working day from the day requested
to make the inspection.

2. All necessary permits required from the Department of Building Regulations shall be obtained
prior to starting work.

3. Absolutely NO WORK shall be covered up or continued without the required inspections
as follows.

a. Footers & Piers: Prior to placing concrete.

b. Foundation & Waterproofing: When foundation walls are completed, damp-proofed,
drain-tile and anchor bolts installed and prior to pouring concrete. Must leave some
portions of tile exposed for inspection.

Please Note: All floor drains shall go into the septic system or sanitary sewer except garage
floor drains (check with the Health Dept. for their permits and inspection requirements).

c. Concrete Floors: Basement, garage, crawl space and grade slabs, when prepped but
prior to pouring. (6 mil. plastic is under all interior slabs.)

d. Rough Electrical: Complete electrical rough-in including basement areas, garage, attic, etc.,
with all splicing in boxes ready to receive devices, and main service equipment installed and
approved prior to utility company connections. All above work to be approved BEFORE
insulation or wall covering is applied.

e. Heating: Complete heating installations including all duct work, equipment and electrical
connections. Heat pipes in concrete slab to be inspected prior to pouring concrete.

f. Rough Framing: Complete frame including all interior partitions, drop ceilings in stairwells,
kitchens, bathrooms, attic access, etc. after plumbing, heating and electrical are installed, but
before interior wall covering or siding is applied. Framing inspection may be made at the same
time as the heating and rough electrical inspection.

g. Insulation: Complete insulation installed and inspected prior to placing of any drywall or
other covering.

h. Fireplace: To be inspected at top of smoke chamber when first flue tile is set and smoke
chamber parged.

i. Plumbing: Complete plumbing rough in is required by the Ashtabula County Health Department.
Plumbing plans and specifications for the installation, alteration or addition to the plumbing
system of any 1, 2 or 3 family dwelling, structure or premises shall be submitted to the Health
Official for approval. Please call 576-6010 for permit & inspection requirements. Plumbing final
shall be obtained before the Dept. of Building Regulations finals the electrical and structural.

j. Finals: Final inspection is required for structural, electrical and plumbing prior to occupancy.
See attached Final Inspection Guideline List.
REINSPECTION FEE: A $35.00 Reinspection Fee will apply in all cases
where an inspection is not approved due to incompetent, incomplete or
negligent work. If our inspector is unable to gain access to the
building, the reinspection fee also applies.

4. CABO Subsection 111.3: Permits. Every permit issued by the building official under the
provisions of this code shall expire by limitation and become null and void if the building or work
authorized by such permit is not commenced within six months from the issue date of the permit,
or if the building or work authorized by such permit is suspended or abandoned for a period of six
months or more after the work has commenced. Before such work can be commenced or resumed,
a permit extension or renewal as required by Section 111.3.1 or 111.3.2 shall be obtained.

5. CABO Subsection 111.3.1: Permit Extensions. A permittee holding an unexpired permit
may apply for a one-time six month extension, provided the permittee can show good and
satisfactory reasons beyond control that the work cannot be commenced within the six-month
period from the original permit issue date. No additional fee is required for this one-time extension.

6. All construction shall be completed within two (2) years from issuance of permit, except that
for reasonable cause the Building Official may grant extensions on the original permit for
thirty (30) days each, not exceeding ninety (90) days. If said work is not completed within
the time stated, the Building Official may grant a renewal permit which shall be good for
six (6) months from issuance at a cost of $50.00, or for twelve (12) months from issuance
at a cost of $100.00

CABO Subsection 111.3.2: Permit Renewal. A permit which has expired for six months or less may
be renewed (according to the provision in #6) provided no changes have been made in the original plans and specifications for such work. Permits which have been expired for greater than six months require a new application and payment of the full permit fee.

7. CABO Subsection 1112.2: Plans on Job Site Required. A copy of approved plans when
required by the Building Official shall be kept on the site of the building or work at the time of