Payment Plans

Tax Prepayment Program (TaPP)

Why Prepay

Some taxpayers have contacted the Treasurer’s office stating that they find it difficult to make the twice-per-year tax payments when due. To lessen the shock of semi-annual tax payments, the Ashtabula County Treasurer's Office offers the Tax Prepayment Program (TaPP) designed to provide you with a budgeting tool which conveniently divides your semi-annual property taxes into regular monthly payments.

How it Works

The TaPP is simple and it’s free. Once the taxpayer requests the plan and signs the agreement, a monthly payment amount will be calculated by dividing the past year’s adjusted annual tax figure into equal payments that will depend on when the payment plan is started. The plan typically begins in August with 11 equal payments through June, and the July tax bill will show the final amount due. The taxpayer will receive one coupon per month when they sign up for the plan and mailing labels for ease in returning the payments. The amount shown on the coupon is a suggested payment amount with a suggested due date of the 15th of each month. Payments may be made any time before the semi-annual payment is due; there is no penalty if a monthly payment is missed as long as taxes are paid in full by the due date for each semi-annual due date. For more information, print the TaPP pamphlet.
The Tax Prepayment Program is essentially an escrow plan -- the only qualification is that the taxpayer does not have any delinquent balances at the time of enrollment. If there is a delinquency, a multiple-payment plan may be created to address both the delinquency and escrowed taxes if applicable.

How to Enroll

For participation in the program call 440-576-3631, email or print the Prepayment Contract. Complete and sign the agreement, and mail it to the treasurer’s office at:
Ashtabula County Treasurer
25 West Jefferson St.
Jefferson, OH 44047

If you would rather have your monthly payments automatically debited from your checking or savings account instead of remembering to mail checks each month, please print the ACH Automatic Withdrawal Agreement and return the completed and signed form with a voided check or deposit slip to the Treasurer’s office along with your TPP Agreement.

Delinquent Tax Contract

In this economy, it is often difficult to make ends meet. Sometimes we have to choose which bills to pay, and real estate taxes might get behind. A Delinquent Tax Contract may be the tool to help a homeowner get back on track with their real estate taxes by enabling them to repay their tax delinquency over time.

How it Works

The Delinquent Tax Contract extends the repayment period for delinquent taxes and puts a hold on interest and penalty charges as long as the contract is not voided or defaulted by failure to make payment. A valid contract will also remove the property from consideration of future tax lien sales and foreclosure actions. The Delinquent Tax Contract typically extends the delinquency repayment period to 24 months; however Treasurer reserves the right to extend repayment terms beyond 24 months. Delinquent Tax Contracts require current taxes to be paid on time; as such, Treasurer requires all persons on a Delinquent Tax Contract to also maintain a Tax Prepayment Plan. Both payment plans will be drafted together, and coupons will be given for the monthly payments on both contracts.

If the Delinquent Tax Contract is voided or defaulted, previously accrued interest charges will be immediately applied to the account, and the file will be referred for potential tax lien sale, foreclosure proceedings, or other collection action.

Who Can Apply

A Delinquent Tax Contract is authorized under Ohio Revised Code Section 323.31, which enables the Treasurer to enter into an agreeable payment plan with an owner / occupier for their house or trailer taxes. The Treasurer is also offering this Tax Contract to farmers with delinquent taxes on their farm lands. Treasurer may consider Delinquent Tax Contracts for owners of vacant land, rental units and commercial property. Treasurer will not consider a Delinquent Tax Contract for property purchased with tax delinquency, and typically may not enter into a contract with an owner in active bankruptcy or foreclosure.

How to Enroll

Contact Lynne, Delinquency Specialist, at 440-576-3731 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or email for an appointment to discuss a Delinquent Tax Contract. Appointments are required as the contract and payment documentation takes considerable time to prepare. If you are unable to make an appointment during the Delinquency Specialist’s office hours, please call or email the Delinquency Specialist for contract consideration by email or mail.